You Are Your Students’ Math Hero

They look to yoU to help them

problem solve

develop strong fluency

Be mathematicians


It’s hard to be the hero!

You’re busy

Time is limited

Everyone needs you


You want to try new methods in your math lessons…

But it’s not always clear where to start


How I Can Help

  • I provide instructional coaching to you to engage your students in routines that promote students’ mathematical language and fluency.

  • I work with you as a partner to help you get stronger in facilitating mathematical communication and sense making among your students.

  • I support you by co-planning, demonstrating, and co-teaching with you in your classroom.

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Years in
Mathematics Education

High school mathematics teacher, university teacher educator, instructional coach


Mathematics to All AGes

I partner with teachers of all grade levels to help them inspire mathematical communication to their students


Years Working with
Illustrative Mathematics

Writer of English Language Learner supports, designer of professional learning, and IM Certified Facilitator

What I Focus On


Instructional Routines

Students learn best when they know what to expect during instruction. They can focus on mathematical sense making rather than “What does the teacher want me to do now?”

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Mathematical Language

People learn through language. To support students’ mathematical learning, we must promote their mathematical language.

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My Partners


“Craig did a terrific job presenting the material in a clear and practical way. The practice we had with the routines made them easier to visualize doing them in the classroom.”

Workshop Participant

“Thank you for engaging us in the routines rather than talking us through them. I appreciate that!” 

Workshop Participant

Take Action

To have a partner in your journey of inspiring mathematical communication…